How much does it cost to book the Pickled Piper?
Our core business is weddings and the average cost of a wedding is £170/£180  inclusive for two hours. This comfortably covers the time required for guests arriving, arrival of the bride, and piping after the ceremony. If you require your piper beyond that time, to pipe you into the wedding breakfast for instance, there is usually a small additional charge of £30/£40.  These are indicative prices and can sometimes be a little lower or indeed higher depending on location/time of year/day of the week/time required etc. Whether you are in central Edinburgh, Glasgow or further afield in say the Scottish Borders, the price we quote you for your piper or pipers will include all travel costs. There are no additional or hidden costs.

Can I find a cheaper piper for my wedding or event?
There are quite a number of pipers and agencies advertising services and you are encouraged to look around to compare and contrast what is on offer. Like most consumer choice, there is a variety of products on offer ranging from bargain basement to the very best that money can buy. The Pickled Piper truly believes that we represent the latter category while at the same time ensuring our price structure is sensibly priced and very competitive.

How does the booking/payment procedure work?
Once you have confirmed that you would like to book, we will send you a confirmation of your booking which also includes payment details. The Pickled Piper does not take deposits and for wedding and most events, we ask that payment is made no later than two weeks before the day itself. Don’t worry, we will always send you a reminder. For established clients and recognised corporate bodies, payment can be made after the event subject to prior agreement.

The finer details of the day can be agreed in the weeks/months/days leading up to it. The important thing is to get that early booking in, particularly for weekend weddings. It is not at all unusual for people to book over a year in advance.

Can I be sure who I have booked?
Yes. The Pickled Piper is not an agency. Most engagements are covered by John but in his absence we will let you know whether it will be David, Paul or one of our striking military pipers.

Can I request a particular tune/tunes?
Of course you can. With our experience, any bagpipe tune can be played for you. The Pickled Piper sometimes receives requests for tunes that are not bagpipe tunes and so long as these are musically possible on the bagpipes (which only has nine notes) then we are never stuck.

Can you arrange for a pipe band to perform at my event?
Yes we can. We have contact with a number of pipe bands at a range of prices to match your budget.  We have increasing demand for a pipe band at events and weddings as people realise what a fantastic splash of musical colour it can add.

Are the bagpipes very noisy when indoors?
They can be, depending on the venue. Small stone walled rooms in castles for example do tend to resonate loudly. Equally, a small room full of people or room of a reasonable size can absorb sound very effectively. There are always options available however ranging from the piper standing just outside the door to using the smaller, more mellow (and much quieter) bellow pipes. The best thing to do is to contact John at the outset and have a chat about it.

Can you address a haggis?
Oh yes

Which areas do you cover?
The Pickled Piper generally covers Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Scottish Borders and Central Scotland. Our reputation does sometimes generate requests from further afield which we are always happy to accommodate but will factor a small additional charge into the quote to cover cost.

Where can I find out more about The Pickled Piper?
You can follow us on Twitter and ‘like‘ us on Facebook. The Pickled Piper will also be at the Corn Exchange Wedding Fayre on Edinburgh on 2/3 March 2013 and Borders Wedding Fayre, Kelso on 30 April 2013.